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Archery | Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you’re sitting on the fence and wondering whether you should act now, here are some answers to your most frequent questions:

1) Q: Why should I read a book? Shouldn't I just practice more?

It’s true that there is no substitute for practice, but most of us struggle with poorly fitted equipment and faulty techniques. We reach a point in our practice where we do not seem to be able to make any significant improvement. A critical step in becoming the best archer you can be is to have the best equipment that you can afford that is properly fitted to your physical needs. "Archery for the Ages" will help you do that! A second problem arises once we have the equipment, because we learn faulty or even dangerous techniques that rob us of our overall enjoyment of the sport. Imagine the prestige of being able to rise quickly to the top of your club or competition group and be recognized as the best in your class.

2) Q: How can I use the information in your E-Book?s

You’ll see that you have a choice of reading the book cover to cover, or you can simply browse to the section or sections that interest you most. You will go back to this book time and time again as a ready reference work.

3) Q: What’s so important about your Special Free Report: “101 Shooting Tips”.

This eBook is an excellent first step to help you get started, or to help you improve your shooting skills. This book gives you a free look at the quality found in other ArcheryResource products. In other words a try before you buy.

4) Q: Why is your book so effective?

I spent years learning by trial and error, so you don't have to. The book is written in clear style with lots of illustrations so you will be able to benefit right away.

5) Q: What makes your book different from others?

No one else seems to be offering such a comprehensive book in digital form. You don't have to wait for a book to arrive in the mail. You simply download it.

6) Q: What if I’ve never downloaded an eBook before. Is it hard to do?

Wait till you see how really easy it is. The directions are just a few, simple step-by-step instructions and totally goof proof…even for a first-timer. Within seconds (or minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection), you’ll have the complete informational package for how to select the archery equipment that is right for you and the Tips and Techniques that will have you quickly on your way to a dramatic improvement of your skill level.

7) Q: What guarantee do I have that this will work for me?

You have our 1-YEAR GUARANTEE on the valuable information in the eBook. If for any reason you don’t find the information useful for your particular case...even downright vital...then you can ask for a full refund of every questions asked...FOREVER! That’s how sure we are that this is the best information available anywhere.


There are, inevitably, some drawbacks to using handheld eBook readers - and they won’t be for everyone. However, many people are already enjoying the new technology and finding that it can help them access books they would previously have just left on the shelf unread!

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