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Archery Training Wrap Up

1) What We Have Learned

This article has presented ideas to help you select the right bow and accessories. In addition, thoughts have been put forward to help you improve your shooting skills, while providing information about the sport of archery. The author hopes that you have found the information useful and perhaps a little entertaining in places.

2) My Most Vivid Memory of Archery as a Youth

The memory that remains the most vivid in my mind was a fall day in the timber on the farm where we lived. I was hunting for rabbits or squirrels. I finally spotted a rabbit and he didn't seem to know I was there. I tried to carefully approach for a better shot, when suddenly the silence was shattered by a couple of crows with their raucous "CAW", "CAW, "CAW". The sudden warning cries spooked the rabbit. I was very upset, so I figured a large black bird was just as good of a target, so I continued moving slowly to a spot just below the limb where these pesky crows were perched. I slowly took aim as I drew my bow. At the moment of release, I could just tell that I had made a perfect shot. The arrow sped upward directly at the exposed throat of my intended victim. Just as the arrow got about a foot from the crow, he non-challantly jerked his head to the left and the arrow sped right on past. The crows then flew away, but the worst part was after this humiliation, I lost that arrow. Boy was I mad at that crow. However I learned to never underestimate one's opponent.

3) What's Next

Take from this web site the techniques that you find useful and practice, practice, practice. But most importantly, enjoy this wonderful sport of archery and be safe.

If you are interested, there is a fairly detailed history of archery available at the link below. I hope you enjoy it as I hope you have enjoyed this site. Come back now and then to review and help improve your shooting technique.

A History of Archery

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