Archery Accessories

Accessories Abound


1) Accessories Abound

There are an endless number of accessories available, such as stabilizers, sights and release aids, which are discussed in more detail in my book "Archery for the Ages". Here, I will begin with the more basic accessories and then expand to some of the more exotic items that are available.

Beginning Accessories


2) Beginning Accessories

  • From left to right
  • 1) Archery Glove
    2) Forearm Shield
    3) Forearm Shield
    4) Finger Tab
  • See illustration above

Accessories that are considered essential are as follows:

Assuming you will be starting by using the fingers to draw the bow string. You'll need a finger tab, (a small piece of leather or heavy fabric to protect your drawing fingers from the bowstring) There are also archery gloves that fit over the first three fingers, index, middle and ring fingers. This type usually have one or more straps that connect the fingertips to a strap that fastens around the wrist.

You'll need a forearm shield. (sometimes called a bracer, which is a shield for the forearm of the bow arm, to protect it from being slapped by the bowstring) 


Used Primarily with Compound Bows


Release Aid: A release aid is a mechanical device basically like a trigger. Most commonly seen in use on compound bows with a D-Loop on the bow string. More on that later. 

A Quiver


A Device to hold your arrows

Arrow Rests


Arrow rests come in many different varieties. There is the simple plastic rest that attaches to the side of the bow, or the bristle type rest that attaches to the bow shelf. Other types of rests include Shoot-Thru Arrow Rests, Containment Arrow Rests, Drop Away Arrow Rests, Pressure/Plunger Rests, and 3D & Specialty Rests. 

Archery Sights


  • Archery sights come in many different varieties.Pin type
    sights have one or more pins that can be moved up or down to adjust
    for distance, while the whole sight unit can be adjusted left or right
    for windage.